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Building reliable products using Machine Learning and Data Engineering technologies. AI Big Data Solutions experts helps enterprises to leverage data they are collecting and innovate faster with AI and big data technologies. Specializing in predictive analytics, computer vision, deep learning and big data.

Team of AI experts & Big Data engineers

We are a team of AI experts & Big Data consultants who are helping companies move into the AI and machine learning-powered age with tailor-made solutions as well as with Digital Transformation consulting. Turn your data into valuable insights with our deep learning and machine learning solution’s help.

Data Science Consulting

We help companies to monetize their data with help of Data Science

AI Consulting

We create customized AI solutions that will turn your data into savings, new income opportunities and minimize risk.

Data Engineering Services

We provide customized data engineering services to integrate various data sources and deliver insights from raw data.1

Data Analytics

We help companies with use of data analytics extract insights from their data.

Some of our recent Machine Learning consulting, Deep Learning & Data Science projects performed by our AI experts.


See how our AI experts solves business problems with a quantitative approach using Deep Learning, Big Data and BI technologies. We support companies from various industries all around the world.

Image Recognition &Text Mining in Retail

our machine learning experts helped one of the global retail companies optimize advertising processes on the internet by using text mining and to increase the effectiveness of the operational activities using image recognition.

Machine Learning Consulting & BI for Finance

Using the classification model and self-service BI we helped a financial service company to optimize pricing policy. The model takes into consideration customers’ behavior and adjusts pricing depending on individual financial profiles.

AI, Machine Learning Solutions & Data Integration in Logistics

We helped a logistics company to make the right business-critical decisions using a full range of information and machine learning. We integrated data from multiple systems into Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and on top of that, we implemented AI models.

The main headquarters of AIBDS is in Riyadh. The capital of Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer in terms of human capital. People here are interested in developing technologies such as machine learning, deep learning and data science. It is a great place to look for highly-qualified Data Scientists and Machine Learning expert companies in the field of AI and analytics.

Our team is gradually growing, new members join us both from different cities and countries. We work together to implement business intelligence and big data solutions that will accelerate the digital transformation of our clients.

Every day our machine learning consulting company works on new solutions that solves our client’s problems and adapt to future changes. Our goal is to minimize the need for human engagement and automate time-consuming processes using machine learning and AI.

We believe in continuous development. We follow the latest technological innovations and implement new solutions in our projects.

Generating New Ideas & Solving Big Problems

Come up with ideas that are weird, wacky, and wonderful. Then craft those ideas into something that’s so crazy it just might work.


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We partner with large companies to help them on POC and R&D stages.


We help SME companies to dive into data-driven world.


We help startups to enhance their products with AI powered features.

Your Trusted AI experts and Big Data consulting Partner

We’re a team of AI experts and Data engineering consultants with experience from various industries. Working with global companies such as P&G, Citi Bank, ING Global, SAS, Parexel and IPF.

We have many years of experience in the implementation of decision support systems (MIS), bi solutions, big data clusters and machine learning algorithms for prediction, classification and optimization problem-solving.

Our Skills

We are facing a technological revolution: the combination of automation and machine learning may delegate consequential human decisions to computer algorithms.

This is because computers, in a lot of scenarios, are now capable of processing information better than the human brain. However, it is up to humans to make business decisions in organisations, considering the implications of the decision and the people within the organisation. Decision making skills are therefore important to AI careers and, even as AI evolves to make mundane decisions, humans will still take responsibility for higher level complex decisions.


  • Technical Knowledge
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making

Critical and analytical thinking is a valued skill when you work with AI systems, particularly as we navigate the changing landscape of the workplace and division of labour between humans and machines. Having strong critical thinking skills enables you to produce innovative solutions to complex problems and helps you weigh up pros and cons of various potential solutions.


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