Image Recognition and Text Mining in Retail

We helped one of the global retail companies optimize advertising processes on the internet by using text mining and to increase the effectiveness of the operational activities using image recognition.


Optimize manual work

High traffic on the internet and customer awareness make product promotions extremely difficult on the online market. A company needed an automated tool, which would help it to promote products on the internet, classify, and choose best search terms without manual entry.

Decrease time was set for operational activities

Workers spent a lot of time analyzing products in stores and determining product assortments. The solution should help to optimize the overall time.

Better products personalization

The company wanted to monetize all available data for better product recommendation using a system that will take into consideration the preferences of individual users and find the best offer.

Customized machine learning model for text classification

We developed Machine Learning algorithms for natural language processing, which were based on the terms of classification history. Models are self-learning and they automatically adapt to new sets of data. Terms are being classified automatically without human intervention.

Custom machine learning model for image recognition

We developed Machine Learning algorithms for image recognition, which recognize brand and type of products. Models are working in real-time and automatically adapt to new sets of data.

​Custom recommendation engines

We created a data-driven recommendation engine that analyzes a huge amount of transactional and customer behavioral data to increase sales, overall business performance, and client engagement, as well as satisfaction.


We optimized advertising operational processes by increasing the speed and quality of decision-making actions. All that with the use of self-learning ML algorithms which eliminated human interaction.


Less incorrect classifications




Hours of labour saved each month