Data Analytics Consulting Services

Extract Insights From Your Data Using Advanced
Analytics Techniques and Technologies


Our team helps businesses around the world to use the huge amount of data they collect to extract useful insights from it. We use modern techniques and technologies which apply to the best data analytics consulting services.

Data Analytics Consulting Services

Collecting and storing data has become easier and cheaper than ever. Getting information out of it and turning it into value and money – is what companies struggle with. AI Bigdata Solutions data analytics experts have a lot of experience working with various companies to help them execute business information management solutions using gathered data.

Based on the large amount of collected data, we build solutions and design reporting and data visualization systems that brings huge value for the decision makers.
The explosion of information associated with digitization, IoT, and customer interactions, every day contributes to the increasing number of structured and unstructured data. That is why companies face the challenges of how to use the collected data. Addepto team believes that the ability to use collected data is the basis for the effective functioning of a company on the market.

Our experts can help your organization execute business solutions using important digital data. As a data analytics consulting company with global, and multi-industry experience, Addepto can help your business to achieve better financial results and help you plan ahead. Let’s begin a transformation with data analytics services!

Data Analytics Consulting include:

Statistical Data Analysis

Reporting Automation

Data Integration

Data Visualization

Statistical Data Analysis

Statistics is a science that involves data collection, data interpretation, data validation and hypothesis testing. Statistical data analysis is a procedure which includes performing some statistical operations using programming languages and modern technologies. Addepto team consist of experienced Quantitative analysts which are building statistical models from data to validate some business problems and quantify them.

Data analytics consulting company can help you improve various aspects of your business, such as:

Digital advertisement

Digital advertising has been revolutionized by data and analytics. Data analytics applications are widely used in digital billboards and website banners.

The main goal of today’s digital advertising is to understand the behavior of users and use historical data to improve customer experience.


Data and analytics are critical if it comes to examining collected data and improving a company’s overall efficiency. Businesses offering delivery services are now able to find the best shipping routes, improve delivery time, as well as choose the most cost-efficient means of transport.

Risk detection

This data analytics application uses data and analytics to calculate a probability of a customer defaulting. Such information enables businesses to take up action in advance and decrease the level of fraud.


Thanks to data analytics, healthcare centers can track patients’ treatment and patient flow as well as how hospitals are using the medical equipment.

This use of data and analytics can significantly increase the efficiency of processes carried out in healthcare facilities.

Learn More About Advanced Data Analytics Services

Embed data and analytics deeply into your business processes at the decision-making point. It will bring you results you did not expect. Addepto data analytics consulting company can help you apply data analytics throughout your whole organization to protect, grow, and optimize your business and its operations by adapting the latest advanced technologies available on the market.

Data Analytics Consulting include:

Discover a feasibility study

Preparing data for the analysis

Statistical data analysis and insights extraction

Preparing reports based on extracted insights and knowledge sharing


New technologies will help you adapt to changing customer needs and behaviors, as well as manage and take advantage of exponentially growing data volumes. With them, we are able to provide high-quality data analytics services.

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Our partners & AI consulting review

“AI BigData Solutions offered an individual approach to our needs and high-tech solutions that will be efficient in the long term. They conducted detailed analysis and were open to trying out innovative ideas.”

Mohamad Nael Qawas

Data Architect & Bigdata Consultant, BigData Solutions Co.

“AI BigData Solutions has an individual approach from the very beginning. They are open to change and ready to face difficulties.”


Mohammad Motasem Nawaf

Consultant in Computer Vision & AI, Greater Marseille Metropolitan Area

““What I find most impressive about AI BigData Solutions is their individual approach and effective communication. Their ability to create custom analytics solutions was impressive.”

Rami M. Jomaa

Researcher at King Saud University, King Saud University