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What is Data Science?

Data science is, as the name suggests, a study of data. It requires knowledge of different algorithms and high-tech tools.

Data science can be described as an interdisciplinary, non-academic field dealing with the process of obtaining, processing, visualizing and inference based on structured and unstructured data, using statistical methods, data mining, machine learning and predictive analysis.

The primary goal of data science processes is to extract valuable insights from structured and unstructured data.

Why do you need data science services?
  • Data science consulting services help companies automatically extract knowledge and insights from various sources of big data.
  • Regardless of the industry or sector, your company operates in, in order to be able to make accurate and effective business decisions, you must base them on reliable observations and predictions.
  • The data science consulting team of experts will help you better understand your customers, personalize their service, automate and improve business processes using advanced data-based technologies.
  • Most companies record growing revenues and cost reductions thanks to the successful implementations of data science solutions.

Who is a data scientist?

Data scientist – a person dealing with data science, in particular big data analysis.

Data scientists s are people with very broad competencies who combine business knowledge with mathematics, statistics and programming.

Their main task is to translate the collected data into real business value. It is extremely important to know statistics and to be fluent in mathematical issues.

Which industries can benefit from data science consulting & services?

Financial professionals often struggle with huge amounts of data coming from various sources and forms: structured and unstructured data.

By applying data science techniques such as language processing, data mining, text analysis, and more, financial professionals can extract relevant information from raw data and use it to their advantage to make more effective decisions that generate more profit.

Does your company operate in the financial sector? Discover more data science consulting applications for your business.

Drug discovery and subsequent development is a time-consuming process that often costs pharmaceutical companies a fortune. Data science offers a revolutionary solution that significantly reduces the time spent on these processes.

Specially designed data science algorithms can predict the effectiveness of a new drug with high accuracy. Additionally, the drug manufacturing process can be shortened through real-time data analysis.

To learn more, read our article 7 Ways Data Science Is Revolutionizing Healthcare.

The importance of data in today’s world has reached new heights so much so that companies are making business decisions only after a thorough analysis of relevant data.

This has especially found an important place in the e-commerce and retail industry. They can predict the purchases, profits, losses and even nudge customers into buying additional products on the basis of their behavior.

Organizations also use purchase data to create psychological portraits of a customer to market products to them and use it to drive customer loyalty and thereby more revenues.

To learn more, read about our case studies for e-commerce and retail.

Generally speaking, data science in marketing analytics has two major goals:

To sell more (primarily by improving their conversion rates and by gaining more visibility in the various online marketing channels, especially Facebook Ads and Google Ads)
To lower marketing expenditure (by optimizing not just the campaign itself but also the cost-per-click rates).
Discover data science use cases in marketing.

Every activity of a player leads to predictions of future behavior. It is data which after processing can be of great value for a company. Data-driven algorithms can analyze huge amounts of data (structured and unstructured) and drive conclusions out of it.

We can analyze the current and past activity of a particular player and automatically detect if the player’s behavior has changed over time.

As a result, we can track an odd behavior of a particular player faster, and analyze whether the account has not been hacked.

Interested in mobile gaming in particular? Read our case study – data analytics in mobile gaming.

What Is Data Engineering Services?

The Addepto Data engineering services will help your business in advancing to the next level of data usage, data management, and data automation.

Our specialist team assists worldwide enterprises such as JABIL, SITA, and J2 Global in the development of data processing pipelines.

We are working with our customers to extract important business information, manage data, and ensure the highest level of data quality and availability.

Our project strategy and data engineering services were created to help companies make better decisions. You may focus on insight extraction thanks to automated advanced data pipelines.

Our Data Engineering Tools and Technologies
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Our partners & AI consulting review

“AI BigData Solutions offered an individual approach to our needs and high-tech solutions that will be efficient in the long term. They conducted detailed analysis and were open to trying out innovative ideas.”

Mohamad Nael Qawas

Data Architect & Bigdata Consultant, BigData Solutions Co.

“AI BigData Solutions has an individual approach from the very beginning. They are open to change and ready to face difficulties.”


Mohammad Motasem Nawaf

Consultant in Computer Vision & AI, Greater Marseille Metropolitan Area

““What I find most impressive about AI BigData Solutions is their individual approach and effective communication. Their ability to create custom analytics solutions was impressive.”

Rami M. Jomaa

Researcher at King Saud University, King Saud University